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Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.  Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. When fossil fuels are burned to create energy, they emit toxic gases that are the primary cause of pollution and global warming.

Not only are fossil fuels bad for the environment, they're a finite resource. Limited availability creates a volatile market in which energy prices can skyrocket in a short period of time.


Big environmental impact.

The average Solar Power System will offset 178 tons of carbon dioxide over 30 years*. That's like:

icon car gasSaving the amount of fuel it takes to drive 390,300 miles, which would get you around the equator about 15.7 times.

icon tree plantingPlanting 10 football fields full of trees.

icon pool waterConserving so much water used in electricity production that it would fill 6.7 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

icon coal burnEliminating the need to burn 174,907 pounds of coal.



*Based on average system size of 6 kW and 8,418 kWh average first year production degraded by .5% annually over 30 years. Environmental benefits based on data collected from: Environmental Protection Agency, US Geological Survey, Global ReLeaf, and National Geographic April 2014.

Move to a cleaner, renewable energy today.

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