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When thinking about insulation in your home, the attic would probably be the last thing on your mind. The attic can be the main reason of heat loss, but surprisingly, this area is mostly neglected in most homes.


The Perfect Attic System


simply blown-in insulationBlown In Insulation is an integral component of the comprehensive attic insulation system that eShield™ proudly offers. Our fiberglass insulation is 100 percent recycled and is the only insulation in the world that is guaranteed to remain at its original R-value level for as long as you own your home. When you invest in this quality product, you can rest assured that you are purchasing insulation that will help increase the energy efficiency of your home, cut down on monthly electric bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our team at Simply Solar is dedicated to helping our customers bolster their home’s energy efficiency, which is what led us to develop “The Perfect Attic System”, a unique approach that incorporates our blown in insulation, as well as our air sealing services and multi layer thermal reflective radiant barrier insulation. In most homes, the attic is one of the main areas where heat enters and exits the home, making it difficult to keep the temperature of the home regulated. However, once our comprehensive insulation system is in place, it will immediately cut down on all three forms of heat flow that can affect a home – conductive, convective, and radiant – which will significantly reduce heat transfer and save you money on your monthly electrical bills.


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There are three types of heat flow – conduction, convection and radiation – that can cause an attic to become hot in the summer or lose heat in the winter, making it more difficult and expensive to regulate the temperature of your home. Traditional insulation does a sufficient job combating two of the most common types of heat flow, conductive and convective heat, but is ineffective against radiant – a third type of heat transfer that comes from the sun. This is where the eShield™ radiant barrier insulation comes in. This state-of-the-art attic insulation reflects 97 percent of all radiant heat transfer – a leading cause of home energy waste.

simply attic shield installIf you’re looking to cut your energy bill, increase the value of your home, and explore environmentally-friendly building products, then eShield™ multilayer reflective insulation is the perfect product for you. A revolutionary new type of radiant barrier insulation, it can be used in the attic, walls, and many other areas of the home, and its flexible design allows it to be installed in multiple ways, depending on which best suits your needs. For example, in the roof it can be installed in joists or rafters.

Our reflective insulation is designed to work with your existing insulation, not replace it. So if you’re in need of additional protection, Simply Solar can provide an especially affordable solution. Rather than spend hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing or piling more on top of older fillings, simply add eShield™. Not only does eShield™ usually have a lower materials cost, but it can also help you conserve energy in ways that traditional insulation can’t – by inhibiting radiant heat transfer through emission. Plus, this new insulation is fire resistant and doesn’t trap moisture – contributing to mold growth – like other types.

Rather than spend hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing or padding the fiberglass in your attic, simply install eShield™ multilayer foil insulation over top. It works perfectly in conjunction with existing insulation and is actually capable of providing more savings than adding another whole foot of fiberglass! In addition to simple home updates, reflective insulation is exactly the right type of product for a greenovation, allowing you to reduce your overall spending and your impact on the environment.

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