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Attic venting is an important aspect in maintaining a healthy energy efficient house. The Kennedy Solar Attic Fan works with your existing passive vents to improve air circulation.


Benefits of Attic Venting

Extends the Life of your roof

Lower heat build-up on roof shingles and underlayment


Reduces Moisture Build-up in the Attic

Excessive moisture trapped in the attic causes a variety of problems including rust, wood rot, and insulation damage.  Reducing moisture eliminates the growth of mold and fungus which can cause respiratory problems.


Reduces the Load on your HVAC System

Saves money on utility bills during hot summer months, and reduces wear on your A/C unit.


Increases Fresh Air Circulation

Reduces the vapor build-up generated by everyday activities such as showering and cooking.



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With winter comes the cold temperatures. When coupled with excess humidity from showers, humidifiers, dishwashers, and humidity created by cooking, it can lead to:

• Damage to insulation and framing materials produced by moisture accumulation
• Weakening of internal structures caused by mold and fungus growth

A Solar Attic Fan prevents these issues by equalizing interior and exterior temperatures, safeguarding your home from the worst of winter without using electricity.


Summer means longer days, more sun, and warmer temperatures. If heat isn’t vented from your attic properly, it builds up and causes problems in your home:

• Living spaces become hot and uncomfortable
• Air conditioning units work harder to keep rooms cool
• Utility costs rise due to increased energy demand
• Roof structures and materials deteriorate

A Solar Attic Fan solves these problems by removing excess heat from your home, giving you a more comfortable interior and lower energy bills.



Smart, Eco-Friendly Home Solution

Our Solar Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home and save you money.  Powered completely by free solar energy, this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet... and let's not forget powerful!  The 60 watt model vents up to 3,100 square feet.  Solar Attic Fans can also be installed in workshops, lofts, storage sheds, garages, barns - any structure that would benefit from improved circulation.


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Solar Attic Fan Models

Designed for all types of applications, the Solar Attic Fan is available in three mounting types.  The roof mount and gable mount are generally for residential use.  The curb mount is generally for commercial use, but can also be installed on homes.  Units are available in gray, black, bronze, or other custom colors.


The Better Choice

When investing in a product to improve your home and quality of life, you want assurance it is performing efficiently and effectively.  Our solar fans combine precision-designed components with advanced engineering to produce a unit that far surpasses industry standards.


Adjustable Solar Panel

The 12, 24, and 36 watt roof and curb mounted models are designed with a sturdy, adjustable bracket allowing the solar panel to be positioned at various angles for optimal solar exposure.


Maximum Air Flow

The unit is engineered to minimize obstructions in the fan housing to increase air flow.  It also incorporates an angled throat to facilitate a Venturi or suction effect which increases cfm output and also reduces wear on the motor.


Solar Panel Performance

As a solar panel heats up, it becomes less efficient in converting light into electricity.  The Solar Attic Fan 12, 24, and 36 watt models have the panel slightly elevated above the unit's hood to keep both the panel and the hood cooler.  Better air circulation means better performance.


Quality Components and Sleek Design

The Solar Attic Fan is built in the USA using only the highest rated materials under rigorous quality control standards.  These low-profile units are made from seamless, commercial-grade aluminum.


Easy Installation and No Maintenance

Fully operational right from the box, it installs easily with no electrical wiring and no expensive electrician.  Our in-house installers will make sure that your Solar Attic Fan is positioned in the best place possible for maximum air flow.  Once installed, the unit is weather-tight and maintenance-free.



Better by Design.

There are several companies that manufacture solar attic fans, but when it comes to quality and performance, no one can compete with our Solar Fans!


simply attic fan solar panel

Adjustable Solar Panel

High impact photovoltaic solar panel with a 25 year warranty. They feature a unique, adjustable mounting bracket that allows the solar panel to be positioned in the angle where it will collect the most sunlight to provide optimum fan performance. 


simply fan housing

Commercial Pure Grade Aluminum Housing

The solar attic fan housing is constructed of 1100 series, commercial pure grade aluminum with no seams to prevent leaking. Because it is exposed to the harsh effects of the environment on a daily basis, our units are powder-coated both inside and out for extra-durability.


simply fan motor

Powerful, Quiet Direct Current Motor

The motor is precision balanced to achieve low motor vibration and low motor noise. Additionally, the motor sits in an isolation bracket to further ensure a smooth, quiet operation. Each motor undergoes individual motor winding testing to ensure consistent motor performance.


simply fan blade

5-Wing Fan Blade

Incorporates a five-wing, precision balanced blade for the highest cfm output. The fan blades are manufactured using a non-corrosive aluminum to withstand all weather conditions.


simply protective animal screen

Protective Animal Screen

The interior of the Solar Attic Fan is protected by a stainless steel wire screen mesh. The screen keeps out debris, bugs, birds and small rodents while allowing air to circulate freely.


simply solar attic fan flashing

Commercial Pure Grade Aluminum Flashing

The flashing is extremely important component as it is responsible for keeping your roof from leaking. Our flashing is constructed of 1100 series, commercial pure grade aluminum with no seams. Its round shape minimizes damage to roof shingles and enables it to withstand the stresses of expansion and contraction due to the temperature variations.

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